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MelodeonA Diatonic button accordion developed in the early 19th Century in Germany (on the border of Saxony and Bohemia) from the Harmonica. It is a member of the Free Reed Instruments. The melody row or rows of buttons play a particular Scale e.g. C on each row. The other end of the instrument has fewer buttons which are arranged to play either Chords or more usually Bass notes.

One row melodeons usually in the key of C are loved in East Anglia. Two row melodeons usually G and D are loved by Morris Teams. Sometimes accidentals are provided which enable tunes is keys such as A or F. Otherwise G D Melodeon players fear tunes in A even if there is no G#. I have it on good authority that if they are not told the key, they can play it.

A B/C or C/C# melodeon is used in Irish Music and can be thought of as practically Chromatic.