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Music Hall

Originally the venue but later (from 1850) a form of entertainment which lasted for almost a century. It was a staged mixture of songs, comedy and specialist acts such as Juggling, Vetriloquism, Gymnastics (Tumbling) or more bizarre ones.

Many of the songs became famous and they were the hits of their day. The music, being popular was played at dances if it fitted and bacame adopted into the Folk repertoire especially of Barn Dance Bands which still play them to this day alongside traditional tunes. A good example of this is Down the Road, Away went Polly.

A lot of the songs were deemed risqué and sometimes fell foul of the local Watch Committee who censored them. A famous incident happened to Marie Lloyd (Matilda Alice Victoria Wood) who had a song - She sits among the Cabbages and Peas which got objections. She changed it to She sits amongst the Cabbages and Leaks.

The Music Halls were different from Theatres in that there were tables and drinking went on during the show.