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The northernmost full county of East Anglia. The southernmost is Suffolk.

Norfolk is famous for its flooded peat cuttings called Broads and its flatness. It has spectacular scenery and a relaxed way of life still reflected by the river traffic (despite tourism). The old craft which carried goods were the Wherries and had a square sail and a main mast which could be lowered quickly to navigate under low bridges. Norfolk has a coastline with popular resorts such as Cromer (famous for crabs), Great Yarmouth, Wells and Hunstanton on the edge of the Wash. The accent is distinctive and there is a proper dialect.

Influenced by the Angles ancestry and history, it can be a remote place being to the extreme East of England and not on a direct route from North to South.

The Dancing Master Playford came from Norfolk as did Will Kemp who performed the 9 daies wonder - a Morris dance from Norwich to London.



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