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A county in the North Midlands of England.

It is the place where the largest remnant of Sherwood Forest still stands with the Major Oak being a tourist attraction. The bad Sheriff in the legend of Robin Hood lived here. Nottingham has the (reputedly 1189) oldest Inn - Ye Olde Trip To Jeruselem which is built into the sandstone beneath the castle.

Nottingham is known for its Goose Fair in October. Originally Chartered in 1284 by Edward 1st for a fair on the eve of the feast of St Edmund and 12 days following. The fair is still held, but Geese are absent and it's down to three days.

Plough Bullocks are the Plough Monday celebrations in Nottinghamshire. There was a Plough Day Fair with dancers who were (From William Howitt 1838)

'dressed in harlequin guise with wooden swords, plenty of ribbons, faces daubed with white-lead, red-ochre and lamp-black. One is always dressed in woman's clothes and armed with a besom .... another drives a team of men-horses with a long wand at the end of which is tied a bladder..'

Apparently, the ensemble toured around houses for contributions, were not easy to get rid of and created mischief if not paid.

Home also of the Wise Men of Gotham in a set of stories that appear to feign madness or foolishness or simplicity. The legend goes that King John intended to live in the area and the villagers saw nothing but trouble so they devised a scheme to deter the King by strange antics.