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Nova Scotia

Literally New Scotland, it is a province on the East Coast of Canada. It is a peninsular and virtually an island. Cape Breton, part of the province is an actual island just to the north.

The first influence was indiginous (Mi'kmaq), the second was French Settlers from 1604. Although Scots settled for just a few years from 1620, it was not until the French were routed from Arcadie on their defeat in 1755 that European settlers started arriving. The territory actually became British in 1713. It was later home to a great number of Irish and Scots from the Famine and the Highland Clearances. Some of the displaced Arcadians settled in Louisiana to become what are now known as Cajuns.

Nova Scotia was also the location given to Loyalists resettled after the American Revolution.

Nova Scotia's music has a predominantly Scottish influence with a strong Fiddle component. Highland dancing, Step dancing and Square dancing all feature in the culture.