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Omega Three

From their typical publicity which says it all really:

Omega 3Clive Harvey and Derek Pearce, founder members of the long defunct, sadly missed and almost legendary Roaring Jelly, are back. Refurbished, revitalised, refortified by vitamins and fish oils, with new wonder ingredient Graeme Taylor, they are reinvented as

The Omega 3, foremost purveyors of English Eccentric Humour in Song, containing those Essential Batty Acids.

Follow the fortunes of the band as once again they set about fearlessly flinging the absurdities of the world back in its face. Marvel at their merry melodies. Revel in their irreverence. Gasp in disbelief and then gurgle with guilty pleasure as they slaughter sacred cows for the sake of a cheap gag. Enjoy. Go on, you know you want to.