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Influential Irish Folk band in the 1970s.

Planxty comprised Andy Irvine, Christy Moore, Donal Lunny and Liam O'Flynn and formed to support Christy Moore when he recorded 'Prosperous' in 1970.

Johnny Moynihan later replaced Donal Lunny and Paul Brady replaced Christy Moore.

In 1983, the band split but have done some low key reunions and have recorded a live album in 2004.


  • Planxty, 1973
  • The Well Below The Valley, 1973
  • Cold Blow And The Rainy Night, 1974
  • The Planxty Collection, 1976
  • After The Break, 1979
  • The Woman I Loved So Well, 1980
  • Words & Music, 1983