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Robin Hood

An extremely well known Folk hero, much portrayed and interpreted in film and television.

Basically a noble (Robert of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon) who becomes an outlaw and fights injustice in the guise of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince (King) John. His 'Merry Men' are Little John, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Allan a Dale and Will Scarlet, Much the Miller's son. His haunt is well known to be Sherwood Forest which once covered a wide area of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. They traditionally dress in Lincoln Green.

The name occurs from the 13th century and may simply have been a generic term for an outlaw. It is likely that certain deeds and stories of certain 'Robin Hoods' were compounded and became a single legend. The earliest written stories date from the 15th century.

Clumber Park is recognised as an extant part of Sherwood Forest and contains the Major Oak where Robin is supposed to have hidden (it isn't old enough). Robin Hood's Well is at Barnsdale Bar on the turning to Pontefract from the A1 north of Doncaster. Loxley is a village in Derbyshire near Tideswell.