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Stories about the history of Scandinavia and Germany with tales of exploration, voyages and meetings with a mixture of Christian, Pagan and Mythological content. The sagas are generally reckoned to have been compiled in Iceland in the early middle ages and were written down as poems or prose. The written sagas are one of three types: Heroic Sagas, Kings' Sagas or Family Sagas and would originally have been recited from memory.

Some of the terminology of the sagas is still recognised today:

  • Valhalla - Odin's hall
  • Odin - Chief God of Norse Mythology
  • Valkyries - Odin's female messengers who selected souls of warriors for Valhalla
  • Yggdrasil - the world Ash Tree that connected the nine worlds of Norse Mythology
  • Asgard - the home of the Gods and Spirits
  • Thor - the Thunder God