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Scan Tester

Scan TesterAn English Folk Musician 1886 to 1972 known as 'Scan' but christened Lewis.

('Scan' from Scantelope or Scandalopia- no one really knows why he was so nicknamed but Scan said it was given to him by a farmhand when he was learning to play cricket as a lad)

He was born and lived near Horsted Keynes in Sussex and played Anglo Concertina including a Lachenal, Crabb and Jeffries, one of which is now owned by Will Duke. He played other instruments including Bandoneon (which his brother brought back from Germany), Mandolin and Fiddle and provided music at The Stone Quarry pub in Chelwood Gate almost every week for over forty years.

Reg Hall is usually credited with 'discovering' Scan, leading to EFDSS recording him and noting his repertoire.

Many English Sessions remember him for the tunes Scan Tester's Polkas No. 1 and 2