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Scottish Bagpipes

There are three main kinds of bagpipe in Scotland.

Great Highland Bagpipe

A chanter and three drones (two Tenor, 1 Bass), mouth blown via a blowpipe. The chanter produces a scale in the Mixolydian Mode in just intonation. It is a Bb-ish instrument. This is the best known of the bagpipes.


A bellows blown pipe with the same fingering as the Great Highland. Only exist now as modern revivals and therefore in a variety of keys and derived from the Northumbrian except for an open cylindrical bore chanter and Highland fingering.

Border pipes

A bellows driven version of the Great Highland usually in A. A conical bore chanter and a mixolydian scale.

 The Scottish Bagpipes can be heard very effectively in a modern Folk setting with the band The Tannahill Weavers.