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Sequence Dancing

A social activity where Ballroom dances and other styles are danced by many couples, all following the same named sequence of steps. Originally, there was only Old Time sequence with dances such as the Royal Empress Tango, the Waltz of the Bells and various Gavottes. Some Blues, Saunters and Foxtrots also. Later came Modern Sequence which introduced Latin dances and more of the Modern Ballroom.

Modern Sequence Dances:

  • Blues (e.g. Bewitching Blues)
  • Saunter (e.g. Together Saunter)
  • Foxtrot (e.g. Avon Foxtrot)
  • Quickstep (e.g. Susannah Foxtrot)
  • Swing (e.g. Mexican Swing)
  • Tango (e.g. Guitar Tango)
  • Walltz (e.g. Emmerdale Waltz)
  • Jive (e.g. Barnyard Jive)
  • Mambo (e.g. Magic Mambo)
  • Bosso Nova (e.g. Blues Bosso)
  • Samba (e.g. Siesta Samba)
  • Rumba (e.g. Golden Rumba)
  • Cha Cha (e.g. Sally Ann)
  • Paso Doble (e.g. Nico Paso)

There are some less well known dances such as a Barn Dance, Charleston, Four Step, Glide, Mazurka, One Step, Polka, Quadrille, Schottische, Set Dances, Square Dances, Strolls, Twinkles, Two Steps and Three Steps.