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Sliki is a simple wiki designed and built especially by Banjolin for

There are a number of Wikis out there so why another? The simple answer is that the others that are available were either too large or didn't have the features I was looking for to build Folkipedia.

Features of Sliki:

  • file based - no database to administer
  • php scripted - simple to add and modify
  • simple
  • password protected edits - global edit password to prevent casual hacking
  • WYSIWYG editor (uses Moxicode TinyMCE) - no wiki markup language to learn, although it will handle some if you insist (see Guide)
  • Rich features include links, tables, lists, justification, foreign characters, images and more
  • indexes entries and pages for searching
  • edit log
  • versioning - each saved version is kept and can be rolled back
  • user signing and dating - entries can be easily tagged
  • image upload - save an image in Sliki for use in pages