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The part of a stringed instrument that forms a hollow cavity to act as a natural amplifier for the vibration of the strings. It is typically the body of the instrument for those with necks and although traditionally made from wood, it could be made from any material. The Soundboard is important in being the critical component which vibrates above the soundbox and its material will have a huge effect on the volume and quality of the sound. In instruments without necks, (such as the Zither) the strings are stretched right across the soundbox. In the Harp and Lyre, the soundbox is at one end of the string and the vibration transfer is more direct.

Papier Maché was a common material on bowl back mandolins, but just about everything that could be used, has been used. Shells (Sea and Tortoise), Hollowed out roots, pits dug in the ground, bamboo, metal, plastic and I believe ceramic and glass.