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An English Folk Rock band with leanings towards Acid Rock. Possibly creating 'Acid Folk' or 'Progressive Folk'.

Era: 1969 - 1974. Begin in 1966 with another member Andy Duckworth but fragmented.

Originally from Lancashire they reformed and expanded when the vocalist went to the University of Kent in 1969.

Their first album - St Radigunds is where they lived in Canterbury (5 St Radigund's Street) but every Canterbury person knows that St Radigund is the Patron Saint of Municipal Car Parks.

Members: Martin Cockerham (Vocal, Guitar), Mark Francis, Barabara Gaskin (Vocals, Piano), Steve Borill (Bass), Julian Cusack (Violin).

Other Members or Guests: Henry Lowther (Trumpet), Dave Mattacks (Drums),Rick Biddolph (Bass, Guitar), Jon Gifford (Woodwind)


  • St Radigunds 1971
  • Old Boot Wine 1972
  • Burn the Bridges 1969 - 1972
  • Bells, Boots and Shambles 1973