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A device akin to a bowstring which when set in vibration by plucking, hitting or bowing, creates a sound.

By ingeniously collecting strings together in various numbers and attaching them to bits of wood or vegetable and animal parts, a large family of musical instruments was invented loosely categorised now as Chordophones.

The pitch of the sound depends on the following qualities of the string:

  • the length
  • the weight (not the thickness)
  • the tension

The gauge of a string is usually in thousandths of an inch (typically in the range .007 to .060) so .010 is 10 thousandths of an inch or 10 gauge.

A string can be made heavier by winding another one round it. Bass strings tend to be wound, higher ones are plain.

Strings tend to be nickel silver, phosphor bronze or nylon.