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 The Tango is a dance which does not feature in  Folk Dance in Europe and America, although it originated in Spain and was a solo dance by Women, much as the Flamenco is.Variants involving couples emerged and Spanish settlers took the dance to the New World.

Tango as we know it today is thought of as deriving from Argentina - The Gauchos - hot sweaty and bow legged dancing with girls in bars who tried to keep their noses as far from the cowboys as possible. The dance came back to Europe and became refined as a Ballroom Dance (Note: Not a Latin American Dance). 

The Ballroom Tango and the Argentinian Tango are now distinct forms of the dance. The tango has a particular rhythm, accentuating the sharp staccato movements. The basic beat is 4/4 (marcato) or 2/4 and the syncopation is provided by variations called milonga and sincopia which hold certain notes and shorten others.