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Terry Woods

Born in Ireland in 1947 he became a member of Sweeney's Men and Steeleye Span. Terry plays banjo, mandolin and cittern plus concertina and he sings.

Sweeney's Men were Irelands' first folk rock band in 1967 and brought together Andy Irvine and Johnny Moynihan. Ashley Hutchings wanted to form a band with all three of Sweeney's Men but instead had Terry and his wife Gay join him with Tim Hart and Maddy Prior to form Steeleye Span when Andy Irvine and Johnny Moynihan declined.

Terry and Gay left Steeleye and formed The Woods Band and later just became a duo. They split in 1980 and Terry went on to join the Pogues through an invitation from ex-Steeleye sound engineer Frank Murray who was then managing the Pogues.

Left the Pogues and formed The Bucks with Ron Kavana.

Ron left and Terry took up with Dave Brown using the name The Woods Band again.