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The Esperance Guild Of Morris Dancers


A Guild with this title has been formed. All men and women of good will who wish to see a fairer and a happier life for the people of England are eligible for membership, with a minimum subscription of 10s. annually ; elementary school teachers—London, 5s., Provincial, 2s. 6d. annually. Members may attend at one of the classes held for nine months in the year at the Esperance Club for Morris Dancing and Children's Singing Games : Mondays, 8.30, men ; Friday, 7 and 8.30, women. A reserved ticket is supplied to members for one concert a year given by the Esperance Club, and there are other advantages named in the syllabus of the Guild.
Crosby Hall, erected in 1466 in Bishopsgate Street, has been re-erected at More's Gardens, Chelsea, facing the Thames, and the Directors have placed the Hall at the disposal of the Guild for a monthly meeting, to take place on the first Thursday in every month. A monthly practice of Folk Dance takes place, in which the aim is to have no spectators, but to have everybody present joining in the dancing. Members of the Guild pay 6d. at the door, others 1s.
The syllabus gives the terms for teachers sent into the country, and the terms for daily teachers in and near London. Miss Mary Neal is the hon. secretary.
Esperance Morris Book I