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Tiger Moth

An influential English traditional music band that mixed musical styles from just about everywhere. The more outrageous fusions were perpetrated under the title 'Orchestre Super Moth'.

Starting originally as a recording band of artists in the well known bands of the time (Albion, Cock and Bull, New Victory etc), they began doing gigs on the back of their success in the studio. Although disbanded in 1989 they reformed in 2004 and perform on a limited basis. The core of the Band came from Old Swan Band / English Country Dance Band / English Country Blues Band and hinged on Rod Stradling's Melodeon playing the straight melody (mainly) while everything around it changed in terms of rhythms and styles. Allegedly, they never rehearsed but sent each other tapes.

Members (at various times):

Rod Stradling (Melodeon), Jon Moore (Guitar), Chris Coe (Hammered, Dulcimer), Maggie Holland (Bass), Ian A Anderson (Slide Guitar), John Maxwell (Drums, Jon Moore (Guitar), Abdul Tee-Jay, Dembo Konte, Ben Mandleson, (Bouzouki), Fran Wade (Fiddle), Martin Brinsford (Drums), Danny Stradling (Percussion), Verity Sharp (Fiddle), Gordon Potts (Caller)


  • Tiger Moth 1984
  • Howling Moth 1988
  • Salt of the Earth (Orchestre Super Moth) 1989
  • The World at Sixes and Sevens (Orchestre Super Moth) 1989
  • Mothballs 1996

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