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There are several alternative tunings eg Paddy Richter, Melody Maker, Country tuning, Solo.

These provide useful alternatives to the usual Richter tuning.



Paddy Richter


Paddy Richter This is a very useful tuning with only one note different. The 3 blow and the 2 draw are the same note in ordinary Richter tuning. In the C harmonica they are both G.

An extra note can be provided by sharpening the 3 blow to A and this gives the A minor chord if 1 - 5 are blown.

This is not difficult to do if you take your time. The 3 blow reed has to be filed gently to thin the free end to raise the pitch. If you use a few strokes of a fine file and use a chromatic tuner to check progress you can do it. It is worth practising on an old or cheap harmonica before you attack your newest and best harmonica.

You could, of course buy a Paddy Richter tuned harmonica from a specialist dealer. Use your favourite search engine and you'll find loads of info.

With Paddy tuning you will be able to play most folk tunes in first position.