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A country which spans Europe and Asia across the Bosporus. Formerly Anatolia, Asia Minor and the Ottoman Empire it has been continuously inhabited since pre-history.

Folk Instruments associated with Turkey are the Triangle and Cymbal, the Lute influenced or derived Tanbur, Saz and Baglama and the Shawm-like Duduk and Ney. The Kemence is a Fiddle-like instrument and there also exists a type of Zither.

The music is very often in the more complex time signatures (5/8, 7/8. 9/8 or 5/4 and 7/4).

Turkish Modes and Scales are based on the familiar tonic solfa but quarter tones and eighth tones are introduced. The basic scales and modes are called Makams.

Dances are regional as is common in Folk. From the Black Sea region comes a Men's dance called the Horon. From Southern Turkey comes the Silifke and Spoon Dance performed by men and women. From Eastern Turkey comes the Kars Dances  and the Zeybek (many types of dance) is danced in Western Anatolia.