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 A small 4 string guitar like instrument popularly thought of as coming from Hawaii. It generally thought that Ukulele means 'Jumping Flea' in Hawaiian but probably refers to the speed of the fingers when the natives first saw the Portuguese sailors playing small guitars.

There are 4 sizes of Uke:

  • Soprano - the 'normal' uke tuned GCEA - 'My Dog Has Fleas'
  • Concert - also tuned GCEA
  • Tenor - Also tuned GCEA
  • Baritone - tuned DGBE

The Soprano, Concert and Tenor only vary in body size. 

The Banjolele is a hybrid instrument of Uke neck and stringing on a Banjo body.

Famous players include George Formby, George Harrison and Peter Sellers (who played it on Steeleye Span's New York Girls)