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A village in Oxfordshire and a Cotswold Morris tradition. Sharp reported that the Morris had discontinued about 1860 but a remaining Wheatley Morris man remembered enough for the Processional to be collected. A Whitsun tradition.


White moleskin trousers, white shirts, red and blue arm ribbons. It seems only the Fool wore a hat (a High Box Hat)

Dances (Sharp)

  • Processional

Dances (Bacon)

  • Bobbing-A-Joe (S)
  • Constant Billy (S)
  • Rigs Of Mallow (S)
  • Shepherds' Hey (HC)
  • Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?
  • Trunkles
  • Room for the Cuckoo
  • Sherpherds' Hey (J)
  • Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be? (J)