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A village in Derbyshire where Cecil Sharp collected Morris Dances in 1908. Derbyshire is outside the 'normal' Cotswold area by some way, and the dances do have a different feel to them than other traditions although obviously related. Bacon notes that it is '..Intermediate in some respects between Cotswold morris, N.W. morris and country dancing...'

Sixteen dancers form a normal side, no bells. The left side (ladies side) wear a head-dress. Dress is white with baldricks. Other characters in this tradition are the King and Queen and Witch and a Hobby Horse made from a real horses head.

Winster is well known for its processional and the tune for the Gallop.


  • Processional march
  • Morris
  • Blue-Eyed Stranger (S)
  • Reel
  • Gallop

The processional is accompanied by words:
This is it and that is it
And this is Morris dancing
The piper fell and broke his neck
And said it was a chancer