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ZitherZithers are stringed Instruments which are quite simple in construction. Often defined as instruments which have strings stretched over a board, box, tube or stick but do not extend beyond it. So a harp does not count - the strings emerge from the soundbox and attach to a frame and the necked instruments (Lute, Guitar, Mandolin etc) do not count because the strings extend beyond the body.

The strings can be bowed or plucked or struck and the body can be a stick, a tube, a board or a box and each of these forms exists in different cultures. The zither may or may not have Frets.

In Europe and North America, the box zither is common. Examples include the Icelandic Langspil and Norwegian Langeleik both of which have frets, as do the Flemish Hommel and French Epinette.

The Autoharp is a type of zither as is the Psaltery