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I have put together many traditional tunes, mostly as Score and Tablature for any 4 stringed instrument tuned GDAE, primarily mandolin and tenor banjo but the same tabs can be used for banjolins, mandolin banjos and GDAE tuned mandolas.

The Score and Tab is available as a small .gif and also as a better quality .pdf (See the top of each tune) If you prefer, there is the raw .abc version of each tune as well.

If the tune you are looking for is not here, please contact me and I'll prioritise adding it (if I know it!).

Tune Search

Increasingly fed up with maintaining a number of pages to which I have to manually add each new tune in each format, I've developed a Tune Search page through which, one can list all the tunes, or tunes which match any criteria out of:

So you could list all tunes that are Polkas, or just the Scottish tunes, or just the Irish Mazurkas for example.

There is also a tune search facility which matches any snippet of text in any case against all the titles and displays all the matches.

Tune List

The Tune List is a sectionalised (alphabetic) list of all the tunes for you to browse.

Both the Tune Search and Tune List work from the same master file so they will remain up to date.
Tune List

Requests and comments about the tunes / formats welcome!